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About The Film


The Trauma That Binds Us is a short documentary written by Nikki Williams Rucker and directed by Shawn Brooks of Shawn Brooks Media, that starts a much longer conversation about the impact of trauma in the Black community. This is a conversation we feel is long overdue and needs to be had to solve some of the long-standing issues this community is facing. We use "binds" as a double entendre in that it is something that brings us together under oftentimes common experiences but also binds us in a sense of keeping us bound.

We couldn't possibly hit every topic and overturn every stone in this short film, but our goal was to start the conversation on the screen to be continued in households, barber shops, dinner tables, and classrooms across the nation.

"The Trauma That Bind Us" Trailer


Film Premiere

When:  April 4, 2024

Time:  6:30PM

Location: Landmark Theater, 2828 N Clark, Chicago IL

Admission: $20

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