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Welcome To The Six-Eleven Foundation

At the Six Eleven Foundation, we are dedicated to honoring the memory of our co-founder Sabrina Shine's daughter by providing essential resources for women and communities in need. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to be a beacon of hope and assistance, just like Ashanti, who inspired us with her compassionate spirit. This foundation is dedicated to those we love and to those we lost and the importance of leaving a legacy of changing communities and the lives of those who have been overlooked and underepresented.

Our Focus Areas

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Media Literacy

Financial Literacy

Mental Health Awareness

Maternal Health

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Our Core Initiatives

Community Giveback 

Our annual community giveback is focused on providing much needed personal care items, toys and clothing to families in need during the Christmas season. This community giveback aims to provide resources for 200 families in its inaugural year. Relying on donations and in kind services from local businesses and grants, we will open up our doors to single moms, moms and families from lower income neighborhoods and those who might in need of extra help during the holiday season. While shopping from tables of donated items families will also be able to grab a hot meal from our free meal services and attend a workshop on resume writing, interviewing, mental health and more.

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Mommy & Me Shower

From the moment a women finds out she is carrying a child her focus becomes getting this child safely into the world and making sure he/she has everything they need to survive and thrive. While this might be easy for some moms, for many in underserved communities, this is a challenge. The Mommy and Me Shower is dedicated to providing the cities largest baby shower for single moms or moms in need of support. We will provide diapers, wipes and other newborn baby must haves to moms in need. In addition to providing items for the babies, we want to also provide items for mom such as maternity clothing items, small spa treatment items, facials and more. 

Annual Gala & Fundraiser

Our annual fundraiser is dedicated to honoring and highlighting everyday moms who are doing extraordinary things. Each year our staff will nominate and honor women who go above and beyond in our focus areas and people will nominate their favorite moms for our community awards.

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