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Everything has a start. A beginning. A point where it wasn't and then it was.

I once watched a movie… a romantic comedy no doubt… about a young lady who really wanted to become a writer but didn't yet have a draft of anything to be published. After a much too familiar romantic comedy plot, one thing stood out to me about this particular Netflix movie was when the writer finally finished her draft she was so excited because she had something to build on. She actually started the thing she wanted in her life. It may not have been perfect but at least she took a step.

Something to build on… something to improve….. One thing that this year has taught me and it has taught me A LOT is that sometimes having something to build on is enough. At the lowest points in my life, I often wondered if I were enough. Imagine that, a person who stands in front of growing and budding young adults and who spends her days teaching them how to believe in themselves is a liar. One of the worst kind of liars, too according to Google. I was a false witness. I have stood in classrooms during multiple lessons and spoken to my students about the endless possibilities of their lives. All the things that I felt were true for them but not for me. Endless possibilities for me ended through the lives of others more specifically… students.

For I have never experienced the feeling of impossibilities in my life. Of course, God is the author of impossibilities, but my mindset excluded me from His impossibilities. I never believed I was enough for the road to impossibilities.

Well, I need to start… start getting to know who I am. Start working towards my purpose. Start believing in my own possibilities. If you are drawn to this post, you may feel that you should begin to look within yourself to truly find that person that is projected to the public. To start living in your truth. The truth that allows you to not only see but appreciate your faults and your gifts. The path to this truth requires, like all journeys. A start.

Where does it all start? According to the Word of God, the journey begins and ends with God Almighty. Genesis 1:1.. In the beginning, was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God.” Yes, I am sure you are familiar with the beginning of the Bible. You may have even started your “cover to cover” reading of the Bible the same way (several times). But was does it mean for me? For you? For purpose? This passage of the Bible gives me hope because even the world had to start. Everything has a start. A beginning. A point where it wasn't and then it was.

It seems simple, right? Let’s examine what it really means to start something….. Anything. What I know is that starting is not the 1st step to accomplishing a goal. Before the start, there is an idea or if you are a spiritual person; a vision. When a vision is birthed in you, you have been chosen. YOU!!! How amazing is that? If you are able to recognize the gift of a vision, you will be well on your way to getting started. Vision is simply the ability to see past the situation using the potential embedded within. My personal question for visionary thinking is “How can this be better?” This part is simple. Try it with me. Take a moment to look at your environment, your job, your home, your relationships and ask yourself, How can this be better? How can I make this better than I found it? See... you started.

What I undoubtedly believe is that we have the power to change our world/circumstances for the better or for the worse. I also believe that everyone is here for a reason and a purpose that will improve the earth. Lastly, I believe that there are people who are placed in our lives for a reason and a purpose. Great things come from working together and that fear I spoke of earlier, although crippling, is the largest obstacle to success.

Do you have any forgotten dreams, goals and plans? This is a great time to START. Let’s start together.

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