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About Us

"Out Here Momin"

At Black Mom ish, we are more than just a brand; we are a movement. Our mission is to uplift, empower, and create a nurturing space for Black moms and all the Ish that comes with motherhood. We understand that being a mother is a journey filled with challenges, joys, and triumphs, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Our Story

As black mothers our existence has a uniqueness that no other demographic shares. The way in which we must navigate the world, our perspectives, how we show up and how we experience the world around us often times go overlooked and not considered. Many of us find ourselves in a deficit  emotionally and psychologically, due to both internal and external factors that not only devalue, but also abuse and dehumanize us. There are no real safe spaces for black mothers to deal with outwardly those issues which are specific to us. Hence why Black Mom Ish was created. We are here to talk our Ish and be unapologetic about it !

Our Mission

Black MOMish is a lifestyle brand dedicated to uplifting, empowering, and providing a safe space for Black moms and all our Ish. We focus on several key areas that are close to our hearts: Black Maternal Health, Black Women's Mental Health & Black Family Mental Health, Financial Literacy and Education for Moms, Access for Black Moms in Underserved Areas.

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Our Founding Team

At Black Mom Ish, our journey is steered by a dynamic and passionate team, each member bringing a unique flavor to the table. Let's introduce you to the visionary minds behind the movement:

Nikki Williams Rucker

Founder & Fearless Leader

Meet Nikki, the heart and soul of Black Mom Ish. A trailblazer and unapologetic advocate for Black motherhood, Nikki founded this movement to create a safe space where Black moms can talk their 'Ish' and stand tall in their unique experiences. With wisdom, humor, and an unyielding commitment, Nikki leads the charge, inspiring us all to embrace the power within.

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Sabrina McCall

Co-Founder and Empowerment Enthusiast

Say hello to Sabrina, our Co-Founder and resident Empowerment Enthusiast. With a passion for uplifting and supporting Black moms, Sabrina adds a vibrant energy to our team. Her dedication to fostering strength, resilience, and joy within the community is evident in every initiative she touches.

Deneen Gillespie

Co-Founder and Keeper of Stories

Deneen, our Co-Founder and Keeper of Stories, believes in the power of narratives. Through her lens, she captures and shares the diverse and beautiful stories of Black motherhood. With an artful touch, Deneen ensures that every voice is heard, every 'Ish' is celebrated, and the tapestry of our community is rich and inclusive.

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Monika Okitipi

Co-Founder and Resilience Architect

Meet Monika, our Co-Founder and Resilience Architect. With a keen eye for navigating the complexities of life, Monika brings strategic resilience to Black Mom Ish. Her commitment to creating a space that fosters mental well-being, financial literacy, and overall empowerment is the cornerstone of our movement.

Tydra McLaren

Co-Founder and Community Advocate

Allow us to introduce Tydra, the newest addition to our Black Mom Ish family and a dedicated co-collaborator! As a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful black children, Tydra understands the importance of family and the need for a strong support system. With a background as a Child Welfare Specialist, Tydra brings invaluable expertise and a passion for assisting families in achieving reunification.


Together, we are more than a team; we are the architects of a movement that celebrates, empowers, and uplifts Black moms and mom-adjacent women. Join us on this journey, where every voice matters, and every story shapes the narrative of Black motherhood. Welcome to Black Mom Ish – where the sisterhood is strong, the 'Ish' is real, and the empowerment is limitless.

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